Workplace learning and rapid technological change: designing organisational learning embedded in theory

As the progression of time marches on it is apparent with each passing day that organisations are confronted with the increasing pace of change. Perhaps the most compelling change faced is that of technology. Technology continually changes how organisations interact with their environments and the people they serve. It influences how we work, and it alters social interaction across borders. […]

Professional Development: Double Brew

This time around I decided to share the outcome of my latest professional development activity with my friends. I am thankful to my friends for accepting my absence over the past couple of years while I pursued a higher education qualification. After a much-needed break, I will be heading back into that territory. For now, as we move into warmer […]

Use these 5 questions to guide your VET professional development

For those of you who have been keeping up with my blogs, you will know I have been writing quite a bit about professional development. My conversations with other vocational educators have continued. Often conversation heads in the direction of “how much professional development is enough?” An idea that has been shared with me a few times is that PD […]

Experiential learning of the stoutest

As the weather cools I find myself wondering if I could apply experiential learning theory for the next round of beer related professional development. Yes, I’m sticking with the idea that brewing for learning is a real thing. Last time I explored what it was like to apply Social Constructivism which resulted in a passable wheat beer and a bunch […]

Spotlight on learning activity

Have you been that trainer? Me too… The one that starts the class with an overview of the day ahead, a catchy quote of the day and then launching into a meticulously well-prepared PowerPoint presentation. Do you know this student? The one that is filled with energy and has a well-prepared bag of notepads and pens ready to be tidily […]

Valuing Trainers and Assessors

Many Vocational Education and Training providers have noticed increased regulatory audit focus on quality trainer and assessors. It is no secret that increased attention is being applied to Clause 1.13 regarding trainer and assessor competence and industry currency. We, as a nation, are fortunate to have a robust vocational education system insisting on highly industry skilled and knowledgeable trainers and […]

Benefits of embedding LLN support over deficit testing and special support programs

One of the best things we can do for learners is recognise their specific needs and adjust how we go about providing training. Some learners seem to struggle more than others and that may be an indicator that language, literacy and numeracy skills are not aligned with learning outcomes. The usual way to determine if there is a gap between […]

Professional Development can be Enjoyable: An example

We hear a lot about VET educators needing to undertake professional development. There is sometimes confusion about what that means and what needs to be done. Maybe you read something to do with education. Great! But what did you learn from it? How did you apply that to your educational practice? If you didn’t take anything from it or do […]

Assessment, evidence and the jury

Recently I was called to Jury Service and I learnt something about Assessing. And that seemed like a great opportunity to write a counterpart to my article about Taking Longer to Get Assessments Done Sooner. At the beginning of the Trial, the Judge explained what to expect during the trial and what the Jury needed to do. He explained the […]

Taking Longer to Get Done Sooner

Going Fast I get it. Study is not the only thing on your plate right now. And assessments can sometimes take a long time, so it is tempting to take shortcuts. Your assessor probably won’t read everything anyway, right? Ideally your assessor will read everything but that is not always the case. It’s great to get your assessor’s full attention […]